The Annual
Banking Sector
Development Forum

11-12 July 2019

Laico Hotel – Tunis

About the Forum

In light of the success that the first Two Rounds of “Banking Sector Development Forum” in Libya have achieved and which resulted in taking several steps that contributed and still contributing in the development of the Sector and deepening its impact on the national economy, the third round will be held under a forward-looking title about what will Banking be like in the coming days, which is “Banks of the Future”.

Under this title, the Forum sessions will discuss the latest developments in Financial Technologies worldwide as well as the related supportive and organizing legislations. In addition, the Forum will also reflect on Libya’s position in Lights of this Development and the required steps to keep pace with it.

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Established in 1997, Assaray Bank works on building an inspiring business environment that ensures success in customer relations and seeks to be a leader in banking technology innovation.

Targeted Audience

Targeted Exhibitors

Targeted Institutes

Targeted Panelists

Enhancing Cyber Security in Banks

The role of Insurance companies in Banking Transactions

Block Chain and its role in Banking Procedures

Virtual Banks and Electronic Payment Laws

New Technologies to Automate Banking Procedures

Main Topics

Main Panelists

Awsam Aberish

Banking Expert

Alaeddin Khemaira

Manager of Tadawul Technology

Nasr Ferjani

Cyber Security Manager at Tatweer Research

Khaled Albebas

General Manager of Masarat IT & Telecommunication

Mawada Albasir

Blockchain Expert Deloitte Canada 

Naaman Elbouri

Chairman of Assaray Bank

The Venue

Laico Tunis Hotel holds a strategic place in the center of the Capitol, Overlooking the Palais des Congrés close to the vital Habib Bourghiba Avenue and Théâtre municipal de Tunis, it is also located 1.1 Km away from Saint-Vincent de Bois Cathedral, and 1.4 Km away from Bab Bhar – Port de France. The Hotel also resides no more than 5 Km away from Tunis Carthage Airport.
The Hotel features a terrace and the Hotel’s Location offers lake views.Each Room at the Hotel has an office, Satellite TV, and Free WiFi as well as distinctive views and luxurious furniture, some rooms have a seating area.


The banking sector in Libya is witnessing steady development which makes it a fertile environment for many investment opportunities. That’s why your presence in the Banking Plus Exhibition will reserve you a position among the competing companies in this field, and allows you to know your competitors and gain more customers. you will also be able to display your products and showcase your trademark in front of banking decision makers in Libya. This will give you an opportunity to communicate with an elite of businessmen and investors in this sector, as well as media platforms that will be covering the event, your participation in “Banking plus” exhibition will allow you to attend the forum sessions to ask your questions and form a deeper understanding of the sector and the opportunities available through it.

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